resperate reviewsBefore you buy this device, you may like to read my RESPeRATE reviews without any extra hype that so many websites tend to include, which I believe is not really necessary for this product.

Does the Resperate really work? I am about to share everything you want to know about it, in the article below, so you can decide if this is the right device for you or not.

Although Resperate works for most people it does not work for everyone all the time. According to the medical research carried out for Resperate device will work for 65% of people with hypertension. The device does not work for everyone due to the different causes of hypertension for different people.

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Hypertension Causes

Only 5% of people with high blood pressure have a secondary hypertension which means that the condition is linked to a symptom of another underlying disease. Secondary hypertension can be caused by kidney disease, adrenal gland disease or narrowing of the aorta.

The majority of people with hypertension, around 95%, have a primary hypertension or that means that it has no single clear cause of it. While there is no clear cause of primary hypertension there are risk factors which contribute to the likeliness to develop the disease. Risk factors include: obesity (very overweight), nervous imbalances (including a lot of stress and sleep apnoea), disruption of natural biological rhythms (cause insomnia), endocrine disease (hyperthyroidism affects the systolic and hypothyroidism diastolic pressure), drugs and toxins, oral contraceptives, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, lowering of natural immunity, poor nutrition and digestion.

So, to reduce the high blood pressure it is a good idea to eliminate causes of it first.

How the Resperate could help you to eliminate the causes of high blood pressure?

First, I must tell you something that is not usually revealed and only discussed in research papers. In many cases, breathing disturbance is found to be responsible for high blood pressure complains.  Resperate is an excellent device which could significantly improve your breathing patterns.  Now, let us take a look at how the hypertension is actually connected to breathing pattern.

Human breathing consist inhaling and exhaling. The inhale draws the air, containing oxygen inside our lungs. The lungs absorb the oxygen into the blood which is then taken to the body organs. In turn, the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is brougth by the blood to the lungs to be exhaled afterwards. However, we cannot exhale all of the air with high content of CO2 due to the shallow breathing or interrupted breathing.

People could develop bad breathing pattern due to the shallow breath or interrupted breath. Shallow breath is usually drawing air into the chest area through the intercostal muscles rather than throughout the lungs via the diaphragm. Interrupted breath is when person stops exhaling with the half empty lungs and begins inhaling again. Shallow breath or interrupted breath leaves a large amount of air in the lungs that has a low level of oxygen and a high level of CO2 which deprives the body of oxygen.  In this case the heart will automatically compensate by pumping more blood. This action leads to increase of high blood pressure.

The position of our body can also contribute to the bad breathing pattern and thus may increase the chance of high blood pressure.  When a person is sitting and leaning forward this will compress the abdomen and push the diaphragm up into the chest area. The amount of air that can be inhaled is thereby reduced. Body fat canalso  contribute to this problem, especially tummy fat.

Sleep apnoea is a condition when a person has an interrupted shallow breathing during his/her sleep. Sleep apnoea is another risk factor for the high blood pressure.

The lungs of younger individuals assimilate oxygen from the air we breathe very easily and discharge CO2 into the air before we exhale. This efficiency is greatly reduces with age and also because we accumulate more air pollution, dust, chemicals, and cigarette smoke. As we age breathing becomes less efficient and this eventually contributes to high blood pressure.

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Breathing training

Breathing training has a tendency to reduce blood pressure. By doing breathing exercises you ventilate as much of the old air and CO2 as possible. A more rapid breathing rate than necessary will cause hyperventilation from an excessive amount of oxygen in the blood. A slow breathing rate will deprive the body of oxygen and send the heart into action to increase the pulse rate and blood pressure. Breathing exercises are required many times a day to break the old breathing patters. Over time your breathing pattern should automatically change as you become accustomed to breathing properly.

As you can see it is difficult to say why bad breathing pattern is developed. Is it because of improper breathing pattern in a first place or because of bad breathing brought into place by anxiety, stress and sleep apnoea or other disorders?  Inactive life style also contributes to bad breathing and eventually to hypertension.  However, it is clear that people with a bad breathing pattern have a higher risk of hypertension.

Disruption of biological rhythms through improper daily routine can disturb many physiological processes and depress the body’s natural healing and balancing ability.

It is also a fact that at the root of disorders, such as anxiety and panic attack, sleep apnoea and disturbed biological rhythm (or simply insomnia) is a bad breathing pattern. Therefore, eliminating this problem with Respirate will simply help to get rid of a few high blood pressure risk factors and thus reduce hypertension.

How to increase the success rate of your Resperate?

A quick overview of hypertension causes shows that quite a few imbalances could contribute to the condition. Therefore, in order to cure high blood pressure in a long term you have to use a multifaceted approach.  As you could see from the above review, the right breathing pattern plays an important role in the regulation of high blood pressure.  However, to increase the rate of success in eliminating hypertension it is advisable to combine Resperate training with appropriate diet and exercises.

Exercise reduces the level of the adrenaline and non-adrenalin stress hormones in the body. The blood vessels will also relax and thus their functioning would improve. All these leads to the reduction of blood pressure in the individual. However, people who suffer from hypertension should not do heavy weight training as it can cause sudden fluctuations in your blood pressure. The most effective exercise for lowering blood pressure is walking. The most effective is when you walk for up to 15 to 20 miles a week, less than 10 miles a week has little effect.

If you are overweight right now and suffer from hypertension then chances that you can lower your blood pressure just by losing some weight. So, in this case the multifaceted approach should be also taken including exercises, diet and Resperate. Simply due to the fact that overweight person along with metabolism and digestion problems will definitely experience bad breathing pattern.

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How does Respirate work?

The breathing sensors of RESPERATE automatically analyze your individual breathing pattern and tailor a personalized melody composed of two different inhale and exhale guiding tones. You should listen to the melody with the headphones, and your natural tendency to follow rhythms will make you easily harmonize your breathing with the guiding tones.

This exercises will gradually slow your breathing and bring your breathing to therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute. Resperate will also help you to improve the elasticity of your blood vessels which lose their tonus due to the aging process or some diseases.

Your breathing pattern would improve after each session and eventually RESPERATE will train your body with a healthy breathing pattern.  Within 4 to 6 weeks you are most likely to notice significant reduction in your blood pressure.

Resperate will not only reduce your high blood pressure but the regulation of breathing pattern will bring extra benefits:

  • Make you more relaxed and reduce stress,
  • Make you sleep soundly and solve the insomnia and even sleep apnoea problems,
  • Improve general mental alertness,
  • Improve overall immunity.


You need to make a choice if you want to fix your hypertension in a natural way as opposed to prescribed medications. Then Resperate, combined with a healthy diet and exercises should be your own choice. I personally believe that prescription medication is not good for the health and only burdens already intoxicated body with extra chemicals which further contribute to various health conditions.

Last hint: When you order your Resperate and start using it make sure you are not traveling and do not have any other destructive engagements. Device has a policy of 30 days money back guarantee and you should have these 30 days to test the device and decide if it works for you.

P.S. Resperate is engineered within a quality system that adheres to FDA regulations as a Class II medical device. It is a non-drug, medical device, clinically proven to lower high blood pressure with no side effects.  It is based on seven clinical trials that breathing exercises, when performed routinely, can lower blood pressure.

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